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Our mission is simple.

We provide mystery callers to evaluate your services and products. Monitor the results of these techniques and others with a intuitive reporting tool from Mystery Callers We Are, which utilizes fraud protection, real-time results, customized data and more.

Quality Assurance Monitoring

You know that your employees excelled at their training courses, and you see and hear them doing a great job whenever you’re around. But how can you be sure they’re putting all those training hours to good use every time, and on every call? Pinpoint defects and proficiencies in customer relations with quality assurance monitoring. Mystery Callers We Are will help you increase employee efficiency through telephone monitoring to really see into your business.

Mobile Mystery Shopping

Sometimes you just need a few key data points from customers, and you need them quickly. Mobile mystery shopping or ‘quick hits’ can be your company’s solution.

Use our easy scheduling tool to plan shops when you need them. You’ll get real-time data from mystery shoppers, and empower your team to adjust on-the-fly to what the data is telling you.

Competitive Intelligence

When it’s time to make an impact in your industry, whether you’re a startup or a longstanding national leader, competitive intelligence offers insights into key growth opportunities.
As a subset of business intelligence, competitive intelligence allows you to peer into your competitor’s strategy (without the risk and resources of snooping yourself) and see how you can rise to the occasion and win in the marketplace.
Use the robust reporting system offered by Mystery Callers We Are to garner competitive intelligence:
  • Compare product offerings
  • Scope out pricing models
  • Discover key messaging points of your competitors
  • Find unsaturated market areas
  • Follow—and make your own mark on—industry trends

Recorded Phone Calls

Let our shoppers give your company a call, and you can listen in! Review recordings to be sure that all benchmarks are being met for customer service, sales, and providing customers with accurate information.


  • I recently partnered up with Mystery Callers We Are.  The customer service was very professional and it was easy for me to set up.  The reports were very detailed and precise.

    From Day 1 until now, my experience with Mystery Callers We Are has been a pleasant one.  They have helped my business, along with some of my customer’s businesses, grow and take it to the next level.
    Thank you Mystery Callers We Are!
    Kevin Van Vreckem www.delraycomputers.com
  • I use Mystery Callers We Are for different types of mystery shopper calls for my companies since more that 6 months, and I am very happy with the quality of the calls and the results.  I highly recommend them to be hired for your business. 

    Christophe Hitz

  • We’ve been very happy with the results we have had as part of our ongoing relationship with Mystery Callers We Are.  The call quality has been excellent.  Professionalism has been the hallmark of our experience working with this well-run enterprise.  Everything has been as promised and easy to monitor adding an extra-degree of benefit for our organization.
    We gladly recommend Mystery Callers We Are services to any interested party. 
    Response Marketing LTD

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